The First Step

Before any treatment takes place, veterinary permission must be gained in order for the animal to receive a McTimoney treatment. Once this is all cleared, a very detailed medical history is taken. This helps to identify any possible problem areas, and any contraindications (reasons not to treat). Once this is done, the animal is assessed both standing still and on the move to again help identify any specific areas of concern and to see whether the animal is sound. If all assessments are fine, treatment can take place.

During Treatment

Generally initial palpation (feeling the spine) starts behind the ears, moving down the neck (cervical spine) and along the back (thoracic and lumbar spine) before finishing on the pelvis. I'll give some instructions as to how to safely hold your horse or dog to best help me whilst palpating. I start behind the ears and move down the spine to the pelvis, checking for misalignments on both sides. I'll start adjustments at the top of the neck, going as slow or as fast as your horse or dog needs me to go. Some are more nervous or sensitive than others, and need more time to feel what is happening. They are the most important person, so their comfort and happiness is my primary concern. I'll treat the misalignments I find and then finish with some soft tissue work; massage, gentle releases and stretching.


Each and every animal is an individual so it is very difficult to predict how they will respond to treatment. Generally the first 24-48 hours they are a bit quieter, stiffer and more restive that normal, however they can also be a lot more active and excitable. Depending on their current routine, rest days are recommended immediately after treatment before a gradual return to full work over the course of 3-7 days. Aftercare can be adapted to suit each individual but some a short period of reduced activity can help the body adjust to the changes the treatment can create.

Depending on the findings of the treatment, animals are generally seen for a follow up 10 days after their first treatment before gradually being put onto a maintenance schedule (3-6 monthly).
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Lally has treated all 4 of our dogs for various reasons. She has been instrumental in keeping our older dogs comfortable and mobile, and the younger dogs have benefited from improved movement. Always professional, explains the treatment clearly and happy to discuss any concerns.
- Jodie Sorenson