About Eulalia

My passion with horses started at an early age, the day my mother decided I needed a hobby and put me on a pony. Whilst I was never fortunate enough to have horses growing up, I regularly spent weekends up at the local riding school doing whatever I could to get my fix.

When I was old enough to work, I spent time on a wide variety of yards; point to point, hunting, stud and privately owned. I was lucky enough to work with a real mix of horses, from the very fit, competing horse to the more nervous rescue or youngster. This early exposure to horses who needed a bit more help led me to study various forms of alternative horsemanship and as a result when it came to choosing a degree I naturally chose to study for a degree in Equine Behaviour and Training at Duchy College in Cornwall.

It was here I was first introduced to the ever changing world of equitation and equine biomechanics, so chose to study towards a BSc (Hons) Equine Science. One of my lecturers happened to be a McTimoney Therapist, and she sparked what is now a very much loved career. My history with equine behaviour has fed my interest in the evolution of equitation and sustainable performance training; how the modern environment in which we keep our horses can have an influence on their musculoskeletal health. Consequently my MSc thesis looked at how feeding positions can affect the neck and spine, which was presented at the 2016 International Society of Equitation Science Conference in France and later published in the Journal of Veterinary Behaviour: Clinical Applications and Research.

I grew up in a varied menagerie and unsurprisingly my house isn't much different! I'm kept busy with my two horses; Grace a 12yo KWPN mare and Sunny a 15yo Haflinger gelding (both opinionated and both keen to avoid anything too strenuous!), two dogs; Charlie a 10yo GSD and Fred a 7yo Jack Russell Cross and a toddler (who moonlights as my admin assistant).

I love meeting new people and their animals, and helping them achieve their goals whether it be helping a happy hacker be a bit more comfortable or helping a partnership achieve new competition goals. Working with animals is never predictable and there's always new knowledge to be gained; one of the many reasons I love my job.
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Lally has been treating Sprout for around 2 years now and has contributed ENORMOUSLY to our success! He's turned from a nervous, tense, wreck when first meeting her to actively seeking contact and enjoying his sessions which is very rare for him! Sprout feels on top form and I can always trust that after a visit, we not only have things to work on but confidence that my horse is in top shape.
- Romy Frier